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Our community is located just outside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Bwindi is in south-western Uganda and is home to about half of all mountain gorillas. Whereas the community has greatly benefited from the track down of tourism, there is a substantial gap in the social economic empowerment of orphans, widows and vulnerable children. We are working for a better future, do you want to be a part of it?

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CHIGO is registered as a community based organization in Kabale district Uganda In accordance with Kabale district council resolution of 2003 under minuteNO.4/2003©./CBO 562 of Jan 16 2014, with a view of advocating the plight of Local Children and youth by engaging them in Socio economic activities arising from tourism development in Ruhiija Sector Bwindi.

CHIGO Believe that the future of Gorilla Conservation and tourism development in this naturally gifted part of Uganda is in the hands of these young local people. Therefore, making them part of any conservation and tourism development activities is the only sure way of guaranteeing sustainability. Leaving them out may breed social economic disparities that can destabilize and also disrupt progress in this key sector that is protected for the benefit of Ugandan and the global communities.


CHIGO is managed by a team of highly qualified local women and men who have a deep understanding of local area challenges. The Directors are University graduate with Degree in various disciplines including Business Administration, Environmental Sciences and Tourism. Purely run on voluntary basis our staffs are motivated by their own experience of having gone through the challenges of growing up from the same. There is a clear resolve among the team that it is possible to bring meaningful change in that community if given some support.

The Board members are drawn from elders and some few retired civil servant with proven commitment to see the Children grow into a much better generation.


Our community is located just outside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Bwindi is in south-western Uganda and is home to about half of all mountain gorillas and is declared a world heritage site.. The park covers about 200 square miles of extremely dense rainforest and is a proclaimed World Heritage site. Wherever you go around this park you can find images of gorillas.


The group is located in Mburameizi Ruhiija Bwindi Kabale district.on the South Eastern Boundary of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

From Kampala, it’s a 6-7 hours journey to Kabale town. Then 2 hours’ drive from Kabale to Ruhiija gate. From Ruhiija UWA gate, it’s 10 minutes’ drive on the main road to Mburameizi where we are located.

Whereas the larger neighboring community has greatly benefited from the trickling down of tourism revenue, there are NO specific programs targeting participation of youth orphans, widows and vulnerable children resulting in a gap that CHIGO Resource Centre comes in handy to try and address



Ruhiija being on the periphery of Bwindi, transport is a problem due to poor road and this has affected women in labor, and also emergencies have not been taken care of, people die in labor and with emergency cases.

The local community around Bwindi was involved in activities like hunting and cutting of timber which was mainly their source of income for their livelihood. Due to inadequate education, money generated from these economic activities was misused by marrying many wives, drinking alcohol, prostitution and this resulted to wide spread of Hiv/Aids (acquired immune deficiency) and death of many.

When the management of the park was improved, due to support of the international community and the government of Uganda, after declaring Bwindi into a world heritage site because of the conservation status of the mountain gorillas, the capacity and deal with the illegal activities in the park was greatly enhanced, this rendered the community members vulnerable through poverty and diseases

Efforts to address these problems have been undertaken by Uwa (Uganda wildlife authority) through supporting wildlife conservation education and supporting development projects like schools health centers etc.

Whereas the community has greatly benefited from the track down of tourism, there is a substantial gap in the social economic empowerment of orphans, widows and vulnerable children.

This local organization therefore has been formed to highlight the pride of the children and empower them to work hard towards addressing their social and economic challenges like poor quality education, poor health facilities, and poverty among others.

For this case we have 70 children in number and of these we have double orphans single parented and the needy/vulnerable. They are all in government schools though the education acquired is not the good quality.


The group will engage into activities that will generate income to support their cause and such activities will include but not limited to

  1. Making and selling of handcrafts
  2. Entertainment through dance and drama
  3. Demonstration gardens
  4. Planting and selling of vegetables
  5. Indigenous tree planting projects like podocapus and grivaria under a theme plant a tree save a child
  6. Bee keeping, honey processing and production of quality honey
  7. Promote volunteering from other countries
  8. Promote child sponsorship

Money generated for now will be used to cater for the following

Education through provision of scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils. Children have broken for holidays and it would be our pride to provide them with the above at the start of next term and we wish to do this yearly if possible since they are three terms a year

Since we also do music dance and drama, we also wish to have costumes; uniforms, shoes etc. and money generated would be used for such for now.

Health, we have children who are not in good health and need special care, money generated will address such a problem to ensure that children are in good health.

Essential needs, these children cannot even afford soap; we have a challenge of poverty to the extent of not affording house hold materials like soap, sugar, and paraffin for their small lumps and food. Hence forth not being able to read books after school and sleeping on empty stomachs.so money generated will address this problem.


The organization will lobby for financial and material support from international and local organizations, government and non-governmental organizations, well-wishers, community outreach programs among others


  • To buy land on which land we would like to construct an orphanage home and school and invite some volunteers to teach the children English so as to improve on the standards and the quality of english
  • To have scholarships and sponsorships for all the children up to higher levels of learning
  • To have safe water near our house holds
  • Cultural Resource center

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