Child sponsorship

Sponsor A Child for $20 a month…

Free Education is the key to poverty eradication in Africa.

YOU CAN HELP TO PROVIDE THIS … for only 5$ a week per child

We would like to start  a sponsorship scheme  to virtually abolish all school fees and give them a better education. We can do this for just 240$ per year for each child.  Money collected from sponsorship all goes directly to the school fund to pay for educational materials, a free breakfast, local teachers salaries and general maintenance and upgrades.

Feel free to donate more, this will help us to improve other services.

Our aim is give every child the opportunity of a better life and at the beginning of 2012 we have over 70 children to support. We will provide a full list of children as soon as possible.

Would you help us support one or more of the children featured, by paying for their school fees – its just $250 for a whole year or $20 each month? This will enable us to continue to give him or her a good education and include all the teaching materials they need plus a daily breakfast and a free uniform.

Applications forms will be available soon and a standing order easily set up online; alternatively please email MAx (  with any questions



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