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Whereas the larger neighboring community has greatly benefited from the trickling down of tourism revenue, there are NO specific programs targeting participation of youth orphans, widows and vulnerable children resulting in a gap that CHIGO Resource Centre comes in handy to try and address.

Benefit of the Resource Centre.

This resource center is expected to benefit children from poor families in south western Uganda, specifically Ruhiija Sub County by giving opportunity participate in extra curriculum activities that can enable them to develop their talents in a wide range of activities such as craft making, cultural dance and drama, storytelling, and enhancement of reading culture. Most parents here may not afford to take their Children to Good schools thus making it very hard for the local Children to grow up with ability to compete for Professional Jobs in tourism and conservation industry. Some few lucky ones have already been sponsored for high school and University Education through CHIGO but we remain cognizant of the fact that such opportunity is limited in nature.

As we continue to look for Sponsors and well wishers to give a helping hand to some of the academically bright students, we cannot ignore the plight of other children who are blessed with other talents that when developed can make them contribute towards transforming the local community.

Objectives of the Cultural Resource Centre

  • To trace and identify children’s talent.
  • Work with expert and peers to develop those talents
  • Provide and stork up to date learning and playing material
  • Provide alternative method of learning that is effective for talent development while also entertaining for the Children.
  • Act as Centre for preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Provide a convenient place where tourist can interact with local people and also learn about the Culture of local community.
  • Advocate and solicit for legally accepted Children friendly development projects including but not limited to Education, health and any other socio economic support.
  • To generate some revenue though cultural dance or drama performances fees and levies, donations, tips and sale of crafts and products that management may find suitable in order to sustain its operations.


  • They future key stake holders in nature conservation
  • Born and raised in remote harsh conditions with limited or no access to basic social amenities.
  • Inherently poor family arising from remoteness of the area that is difficult to access by local service providers.
  • Children are raised by parents who are deficient of basic knowledge and incapacity to provide for them.
  • Supporting these Children will help break the vicious circle of poverty in which the local people are tied.
  • Interaction with few of the Children who studying outside Ruhiija will motive more children and parents to work hard for the betterment of their family.
  • Will make it easy for Local government and other stake holders to come in with more support.
  • Public health and safety, crime prevention and moral guidance are some of the topics that will be shared with net benefit accruing to the whole community.

We have experience working with vulnerable children and orphans in communities and understand that changing their mind sets can take awhile. It is for that exact reason that we are ready and more than willing to initiate this project and take the journey with this community by hearing out their needs and supporting them. We shall be able to ensure that eventually they learn to solve issues on their own.


We are an organization built on networks; we identify a problem or need, speak to the community on what the best solution is and then work with other partners, groups, individuals and the community to provide the solution.

Sustainability plan.

We want to partner with individual story tellers, art with a cause to develop a great network and to secure support for sustainability of this program or project

With the marketing and selling of products that children and mothers make from recycled products and with the support from the well wishers, we will generate income to further move the project.


The main beneficiaries will be the children, mothers, guardians and by extension the communities where the resource center is built.

The children from these communities will have a safe place where they can come to play and learn all sorts of lessons like basics of literacy through special tailored programs and activities.

Our projects.

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Catch and mentor them young.

Tracing a child’s talent.

Tree planting (plant a tree and support a child at school)

Demonstration gardens.

Make a huge difference and support the Gorilla children.

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